Friday, May 2, 2008

What I Will be Doing This Weekend

When I can squeeze in the time I have to finish up that computer I promised my mother-in-law. All it needs is updates and since it turns out you can still get SP3 from Microsoft (as long as you are not a business and don't mind downloading and installing it, not from Windows Update, yet) I will have to get busy and start working. Here is a direct link to Service Pack 3 (thanks to Lifehacker)! Check out how you can add SP3 to your current XP installation disc. Also check out Hoover Movie Crew for updates on last nights trip to Iron Man.

I will be at the Crawfish Boil tonight and Saturday...anybody else going? Drop a comment or contact me and we will see you there!

Sunday (if I am up to it) will be going to Celebrate Hoover Day, which has been moved from Saturday due to the bad weather expected that morning.

Is there anything else going on this weekend?



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