Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friendly Fires 'Skeleton Boy'

This video was an iTunes freebie a while ago and it came up in my library and wanted to share it. Love it, really interesting to watch every time. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simple Blogging Faceoff: Tumblr vs. Posterous


Last week, we decided that it wasn’t enough to just wonder which web browser was better; we had to settle the matter in a battle for the ages. So we pitted Mozilla Firefox against Google Chrome, gave them some ammunition, and left it up to you to decide who was the victor. In the end, Firefox beat up on Chrome, 4600 votes to 3310.

Everyone had so much fun with the web browser faceoff though, we decided that we had to do it again. So it’s time to take two of the web’s most popular apps, put them in the ring, and see which one is the people’s choice. Our competitors this week? Two of the most popular simple blogging platforms: Tumblr (


) and Posterous (



This isn’t the first time we’ve put these two web services in opposite corners: we compared the two in a head-to-head comparison (Posterous won, but not by much). Since then though, Posterous has added custom themes and Tumblr broke 255 million pageviews.

So which simple blogging platform deserve to earn the title of winner of this week’s Web Faceoff? The answer to that question is up to you. Cast your ballot in the poll below. The voting booth will stay open until noon EST on Friday, October 2nd.

And don’t forget: once you vote, let us know your logic and reasoning in the comments.

Thank you for voting!

Tumblr 54% (1,404 votes)

Posterous 38% (991 votes)

Tie: I just can't pick between the two 7% (191 votes)

Total Votes: 2,586


Who would win in a fight: Tumblr or Posterous?(polls)

Posterous FTW! Go vote!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Alabama Supreme Court rules against Love Stuff - Hoover Blog


Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert Vance Jr. looks at a display of a school girl uniform costume while touring Love Stuff on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007 in Hoover. (The Birmingham News file)

MONTGOMERY -- The Alabama Supreme Court ruled against Love Stuff, a Hoover business that sells vibrators and other sexual devices, and upheld Alabama's anti-obscenity law.

The court ruled that the business failed to show that the state law banning the sale of sexual aides was unconstitutional.

"Public morality can still serve as a legitimate rational basis for regulating commercial activity, which is not a private activity," Supreme Court justices wrote in the opinion issued Friday.

"As the Eleventh Circuit in Williams IV pithily and somewhat coarsely stated: 'There is nothing 'private' or 'consensual' about the advertising and sale of a dildo."

Love Stuff had argued a section of Alabama's anti-obscenity law banning "adult-only entertainment" near churches and child care centers was unconstitutional vague because the phrase was not defined.

"We're not closing," said Love Stuff attorney Amy Herring.

She said the store is reviewing its options for appeal.

She said she was very pleased that two of nine justices concurred with the store's argument.


Really...This is outrageous in a "red" state for the Government to be this invasive in people's personal lives is outrageous. Who cares what people put in them? It's crazy. Free the Totally...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Facebook adds "@" replies a la Twitter

Facebook announced today on their blog that you can now "tag people and other things you're connected to on Facebook" by adding an "@" sign and the persons name.  Here's how it works:

Now, when you are writing a status update and want to add a friend's name to something you are posting, just include the "@" symbol beforehand. As you type the name of what you would like to reference, a drop-down menu will appear that allows you to choose from your list of friends and other connections, including groups, events, applications and Pages. Soon, you'll be able to tag friends from applications as well. The "@" symbol will not be displayed in the published status update or post after you've added your tags.


Really similar to how tagging works in photos but also tore a page right from Twitter's play book. Also going to have to see if it actually takes off and people start using it...

via Facebook Blog: Tag Friends in Your Status and Posts

Tethering and iPhone 3.1: Hopefully soon

While not dependent on the iPhone's recent ability to tether, I do like having it as an option when all else fails.  Unfortunately updating to the latest firmware the hack I use was broken.  Not to be dismayed as the developer, Ben, has a fix on the way that will re-enable the now defunct tethering.

For those of you who do not know how this works, many different hacks came out shortly after AT&T announced that tethering would not be out (although third world countries would be able to do this....) and as all good hackers do, they found a way to enable this feature to work anyways.  Simply point your iPhone's Safari browser to and follow the instructions to enable both tethering and MMS functionality. 

Ben and his team posted there should be a fix on the way and also to note that AT&T will be enabling MMS September 25th. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Google Voice Adds Email Forwarding and Replies to SMS - Google Voice - Lifehacker


The feature I've been dying to have as I'm too cheap to pay for text messaging means I can now receive and even reply to text messages via Google Voice! Very nice and now I have free SMS all around. Click through for the details from Lifehacker.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Boondoc Saints 2 trailer

Really excited about this one! Check it out:


Annoyance today


It's frustrating when people don't listen.