Monday, May 19, 2008

So I'm at Work...

And there is not a lot going on. So I thought about writing an entry. I haven't had a rant in a while. So, let's begin.

Today we start in on my apartment complex. They have not fixed the toilet. Grande at the Galleria, expect to hear from me. Why does it take a week to have someone come out and just look at it. Why can't you call or email? I left both. I don't understand. What happened to customer service? I love the location but it's not worth the effort anymore. I'm done. We will be moving. Thank you for the learning experience. Never rent from Engel...check.

Over the weekend we may have discovered the new location of this clan in Birmingham. Off of Highland street there was a huge festival called Do Dah Day going on. It' was a blast. I don't have a whole lot of pictures from the event so text and imagination will have to fill in the gaps. It took place in the South side of Birmingham and this was my first time in that area. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole area. It was the first time I strolled through an area in Birmingham city limits that I didn't fear for my life. The wife, my nephew, and our puppy all loved the experience. The park was overflowing with people and their pets (mostly dog's but we saw a parrot!) and some cool tunes from the local bands. There were a lot of exhibitors on display, hawking there wares to the pet friendly crowd and everyone was showing off their furry companions. The critters were dressed (or died, like one dog who was purple with a mohawk from nose to tail was from Doggie Styles) to impress and we enjoyed the whole spectacle.

This past weekend we also screened the latest from Disney, Price Caspian, which was an OK flick. Not as good as the first one but worth the time. Look for a write up at the HMC blog shortly.

That's the latest from me. The world seems to be falling apart. With cyclones, oil, and earthquakes (in China and here in Alabama, although ours was nothing compared to what has happened there) it's getting bad. Ethanol is in news as these natural disasters are affecting the cost's there and the government looks to it as the next big fuel source. This will cause movie tickets to increase in price even more. New Yorkers are paying in the excess of $30 for a popcorn, drinks, and tickets. Ouch. But the good 'ole US of A is donating there hearts out for these devastated area's. Even as the Junta in Burma pockets the proceeds (note: my speculation). Lets hope the best for the common man everywhere.