Monday, March 31, 2008

Upcoming Movies

Movie night is fast approaching. Our poor turn-out as of late, is forcing us (at least for now) to no longer vote on the movie we are going to see. At least not until we see more of a turn out. There will be another post back here soon with a trailer of what we will see Saturday, April 5th. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there and check back here for the Movie Night movie!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Doomsday was doomed

So the turn out was not great. And because of this we are changing our format. From now on I am going to choose a movie until people who vote actually start coming. Doomsday was a bust. Great action, too much unnecessary gore, and absolutely NO story line. But we had fun. It wasn't all bad. Cajun Steamers was again the place to go to drink. It was also Kase's 27th birthday weekend and we have some fabulous pictures of him to embarrass him to the world. See the great pictures and I look forward too seeing you all in 2 weeks!


Kase's 27th Birthday

Friday, March 21, 2008

We are seeing Doomsday March 22nd

Doomsday is the Winner!

We will meet at 10:00 pm at the Rave Motion Picture Theater on Saturday, March 22nd. If we feel like it and you are old enough we may go get some beer afterwards!

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Some propaganda


Only 6 hours left to choose the movie for this weekend.

This made me laugh.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Upcoming movies

The new list is up and we need you to vote on what you want to see on March 22nd! Here is some propaganda to influence your choice! Enjoy!


Drill Bit Taylor

The Bank Job

Vantage Point

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10,000 BC

So the turn out was not that great. Other than myself, 2 others showed up, and one of those was my wife! That's not anyone's fault as we did not do a good job of getting the word out in advance. We will call a week ahead and let everyone know whats going on. I also forgot to email a bunch of people. Oops. Oh well.

And the movie....well not to give anything away to those who were not there but you didn't miss much there.

Don't get me wrong 10,000 BC had all of the great elements of a modern story...huge explosions, action, a good looking girl, love, and huge explosions. But if you are a history buff...or just went to elementary school...the "time-line" might confuse you. If you don't believe me go fork over your ten dollars and see it. My personal recommendation....wait for cable to pick it up. It's free and you didn't miss anything special.

Something else that I didn't think about prior to the movie was the fact that Wings is the worst place to meet without reservations. It was a hour wait for a table AND THE BAR! So we moved over to the Cajun Steamer for our beer. It worked as they were slower than Wings and we got a table much faster. They also have a nice outside area for everyone (i.e. smokers) to hang out and drink. And for the ladies there are heaters for when it's cold. So we will probably meet out behind Cajun Steamer from now on. I will update the directions and all of that over the next week as well as an update on the other movies. I will also be sure to have posts to the actual movie sites and previews of each movie up for votes so you can see what you are voting for. Look forward to the next one!

B.M. Bufalo

Saturday, March 8, 2008


We will are still meeting at Wings at 9pm. The show starts at 10:20pm. If you want to me earlier than that I will be there at about 8pm. See you all there!

Click here for showtimes.

The votes are in!

We have our first official movie night movie! We will be watching 10,000 BC tomorrow, Saturday March 8th. I can't wait to see you all there.


Saturday, March 1, 2008


We started movie night to get out and hang out after work at CompUSA. After we received word that they were shutting us down for good, we vowed to keep the tradition we started there, alive. This is the first step in that promise. Anyone is invited to attend but let me know that you are coming and who you are brining by sending me an email. We plan on meeting late every other Saturday at Wings for some socializing and drinks (provided your of age...if you are not drink a Pepsi) and then moving over to the theater for the show time. Above is the calendar with the upcoming show times and dates. Now it is critical if you plan on showing up to the show you need to vote! We will have an updated poll with the upcoming movies and the popular ones from the week prior (providing they are still in theaters) and we need you to let us know what you want to see. Otherwise I get to choose and no one wants that. For any updates or information check back here often. There should be updates posted here as often as possible. My email is also listed so feel free to contact me if you have questions. Bring spouses, co-workers, friends, and family, just understand that there is no way we are paying for any of them and this is adult night so please leave the young ones with a babysitter. We plan on making this a fun experience for everyone and look forward to seeing all of our friends and making new ones.

Brian M. Bufalo