Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is an advance warning for Grand at Galleria

Engel Residential:

I have had horrible service from your company from day one.  This is the beginning of what I hope to be a very lengthy discussion on why no one should ever rent a property at the Grand at Galleria.  I can only speak for what I myself have experienced but I'm sure there are other horror stories. 

I will scan it in for all to see when I have a chance but our original lease packet included a sheet to fill out with any damage incurred prior to moving in.  We did the walk around and noted all the existing problems.  I had to use another sheet.  That right there should have told me not to move in but we were in a bit of a bind (and still are) for housing so we didn't contest that.  Now, after two years of living at this apartment, we still have 90% of the issues on the list that have never been addressed even after we were assured that they would be within the first few months of us living there.

What prompted me to publish this aspect of my life is that Monday I placed a maintenance request with the front office and assured a "twenty-four to forty-eight hour response" time to my claim.  So on Wednesday I came home to discover that my toilet still leaks all over the bathroom floor.  The hose that refills the tank has come loose and is waving about after each flush.  It really is not major.  But I have stopped cleaning it up.  The mold that accumulates in the bathroom and eventually condemns my building will be my final word.  I don't care any more. 

Like I said, this is just the beginning.  Do not rent an apartment at Grand at Galleria.  You will regret it.  Is there anyone else who has a sob story?  Post in the comments.  Your shoulder is waiting.



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