Sunday, May 30, 2010

You could be a zombie on The Walking Dead TV series!

You could be a zombie on The Walking Dead TV series!


Are you good at groaning, moaning, and listless shuffling? If you're in the Atlanta metro, you could showcase your range playing an undead roamer in Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead TV series.

According to On Location Vacations, The Walking Dead TV series is set in Atlanta (like the first few issues of the comic) and is being filmed in the city's Fairlie-Poplar District. Says OLV:

The final scenes of the pilot episode and scenes for the second episode would be filmed during daylight hours over the course of two (2) weekends. The first weekend would be scheduled for June 11–13; the second weekend is scheduled for July 2–4. [...] In the meantime, the production company is still looking for extras to appear as zombies in the series.

But, all extras must attend ZOMBIE SCHOOL! All of the "zombies' who have been chosen so far have been put through the paces and have already been attending "class" all week, they've also been told they can't discuss anything about the production and may be fired for even the slightest hint about the production on Twitter, FB, etc.

If you think you can handle being a zombie, you can email your information to, you will need to have a "flexible schedule" from June to September.

Imagine the possibilities - YOU could be the zombie that the guy from Love Actually bludgeons with a shovel!

[On Location Vacations via Comic Book Movie]

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I wish I had know in advance, I would have taken time off from work!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wild surprise opening Google Reader today! Over 130 new followers!


Found I had 134 new followers on Google Reader today, what gives?! What did I say/do? By all means welcome but I wish Google Reader gave better statistics on this stuff.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster "Looks Very Scary", Says Astronaut - Photos - Gizmodo

Gulf Oil Disaster "Looks Very Scary", Says Astronaut


"It looks very scary. It's not good. I really feel... not good about that." That's what the International Space Station Commander, cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, says about the Gulf's oil disaster. This is the last satellite image. Update: New image added.

Captured by NASA's Aqua satellite, the image shows only part of the oil surface, with the Sun shining over. I've exaggerated the image contrast so you can clearly see the extend of the damage:


Oleg is right: It is very scary. [NASA and]

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This is going be so devastating....

They got me today!

My co-workers covered my desk in Android outsells iPhone pamphlets...but I know the truth! Too funny!


Update: Here is the pic that should have accompanied that post! ;)