Monday, July 26, 2010

Rename Files Fast with the Tab Key

That NASA look | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

Now legal in the U.S.: Jailbreaking your iPhone, ripping a DVD for educational purposes

This is more of a success for people who write DRM-bypassing software such as Cydia (iPhone) or Handbrake (Mac DVD). Prior to this ruling, they were subject to the wrath of Apple, MPAA, etc because they were actively distributing software that violated the DMCA. Users were rarely bothered in comparison.

That said, there is nothing preventing Apple from declaring all warrantees void if the operating system is altered. My Subaru warrantee is similar: if I modify my engine, I void the warrantee on that part or whole of the engine.

Also, there is nothing preventing AT&T from modifying or enforcing a service contract terms prohibiting VOIP or tethering or another use of data services they wish to prevent.

As for who “owns” the iPhone: you own the hardware, but Apple owns the software and licenses it to you for a fee paid when you purchase your phone. As another poster mentioned, often the price of your phone was subsidized by the carrier who may enforce the term of the contract if you decide to leave.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Active Sync fix for iOS 4 slowness

If you have an iPhone and it is running very slow after updating to iOS 4 and you are using Active Sync (Microsoft Exchange or Google Sync) then click on this link from Mobile Safari (on your iPhone) and install the fix Apple released.  Be sure to restart your iPhone after you apply the update.  I'm so mad it took this long for me to find this but I'll save you the sob story.  If you want the details hit up the source below.

My phone was almost unusable until I applied this.  I couldn't even make a phone call.  At one point I deleted my Gmail account and had to go without contacts.  Boy was that fun.  Remember when you used to have to memorize phone numbers?  Anyways, mail and contacts started syncing immediately after I applied the fix but my calendar is not syncing but if I get a fix I'll post it up.  Anyone else having problems with iOS 4 and Active Sync? Post a comment.

Source: AppleInsider

Update: Almost forgot but here is the support discussion on the Google Help forum that lead me on the right direction.  Page 11 (last one at this time) had a link to the fix.  Hopefully more to come on this.

Woot To The AP: Nice Story About Our Sale — You Now Owe Us $17.50

Too funny!